HEAD TIP-II Tennis Balls

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  • For kids aged 8-9 years old.
  • Biocolored for clearer visibility.
  • Orange color.

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The pressureless HEAD T.I.P. Orange is the perfect ball for kids between 8-9 years and starter about to transition to a full-size court. It is slightly softer, bigger and only 50% slower than a standard tennis ball and helps the kids to keep their game and strokes under full control. Developed with trainers and kids, the HEAD T.I.P. Orange is perfect for kids and first-timers to learn how to play on the full-size court. The ball is part of HEAD's Tennis Instruction Program (T.I.P.), a unique approach to help youngsters learn the game right, developed in cooperation with the International Tennis Federations "Tennis Play and Stay!" campaign.

Brand HEAD
Playing Level Junior
Color Orange
Stitching Type Machine
Material Rubber Moulded