DSC EW Bravado Swag Bat

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  • Grade 1 EW Bat

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Made from top quality grade 1 natural English willow Exquisitely handcrafted by our master craftsman Curved Blade for powerful performance Traditionally shaped and massive edges at drive zone Mid to Low profile bat, exquisite pick up Treble spring (6pc) handle for maximum shock absorption and strength Extended Power Zone for monstrous hitting area.

Size Mens
Grade 1
Weight 1160 to 1220 grams+
  • Tapan Kumar Achary

    Yesterday I received the DSC EW Bravado Swag Bat, this bat is really wonderful , received the same quality and specification as promised by the dealer. My Bat review: Positive Points: 1. The new sticker is much better than earlier. 2. Wide range of sweet sopt. 3. No vibration/shock in any part as we usually get shock if the bat is not knocked and if it hits t the bottom. 4. Wood quality also very impresive. 5. Pressing as always really good compared to other brands, little knocking required after wards.. 6. Good quality Grip. Can be improved: 1. Handle can be little thicker , so that there is no need for extra grip. Lastly, the dealer is so professional , i loved the way they responded each of my request...:)

  • Rishabh Mishra

    Happy with Bat quality, weight and balance and also satisfied with Sports-Window service and follow up with me every day.